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My Privacy Policy

I, Adam D. Rice, in my role as an Author collect minimal user data. The sole intent of this data collection is opt-in digital marketing. If you email me (, that communication data is stored securely within Gmail servers. If you sign-up for my author newsletter located here, you are providing your email address to a third-party email marketing tool. Information regarding their data privacy policies can be found here. Regardless, I take the security of this data seriously.

As a rule, I do not share mailing list email addresses with any persons, organizations, or businesses.

If, at any time, you would like to remove yourself from my newsletter's mailing list, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of those messages. Should you face an issue during the unsubscribe process, or you need the email address changed, please reach out to me directly.


Are you considering requesting The Special for a friend or loved one? Know that, by filling out the necessary web form, the information you submit will be held in a third-party system. This is done to ensure data persistence. For this reason, do not submit the following types of data via the form: detailed/compromising medical information, financial information, and all other forms of sensitive and/or personally-identifiable information--with the exception of the person's name and mailing address.

Don't hesitate to send me questions related to data collection, use, revision, and deletion.

To summarize, my contact information is included below.


Adam D. Rice


P.O. Box 207

Whitestown, IN 46075

This privacy policy is regularly under review. It was last refreshed in May 2023.

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