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My Bibliography

This bibliography is not an exhaustive list of everything I've ever scratched onto a piece of paper, but all the big stuff's here.

Delilah LaRue Mystery Series
(#1) A Soured Engagement (2021)
Gerald Bunting Mystery Series
(#1) The Bed Body (2021)
(#2) Gone By Dessert (2021)
(#3) Death In Horse Country (2021)
Historical Fiction

Dearest Fluffy - Off To War (2019)

Pritchard Daviess - A Blissful Existence (2016)

Short Fiction Collections
Jumbled (2020)
Festive Figments (2019)
Christian Resources
Check-In (2023) -- Devotional Articles
Travel Stories
I Don't Like To Fly & Several Less Boring Things About Germany (2022)

National Treasures (2020) -- Newsletter exclusive

Interrogating Your Ancestors (2022)
Go Yodel! (2022) -- Newsletter exclusive
Overthinking My Novel (2021)
How To Be A Fire Engine (2020)


Twenty Years (2023) -- Staged during the 2023 IndyFringe Festival

Force Of Will (2023)

Walled In (2023)

Antone (2022)

Death In The Wings (2022)

Pioneer Pillow Talk (2020)

One Final Affair (2019)

Various Short Plays & Monologues (New Play Exchange)


Shorts & Stuff

Spec Script(s)

Keeping Up Appearances (BBC)

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