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My Bibliography

This bibliography is not an exhaustive list of everything I've ever scratched onto a piece of paper, but all the big stuff's here.


One Final Affair (A Play, 2019)

Dearest Fluffy - Off To War (2019)

Pritchard Daviess - A Blissful Existence (2016)


If I Did Stand-Up

Spec Script

Keeping Up Appearances (BBC)

Short Stories & Sketches

"A Completely Unique Story You’ve Never Heard Before"

"A Night At Grandma's"

"Christmas Commencement"

"Gilly Abroad"

"Santa's Indisposed"

Selected Poems

"A Manger, Cross, & Tomb"

"Bulb Number Eighteen"

"Of Snoot & Galoot"

"Oh, The Times That You'll Fail!"

"The Little Politician Engine That Couldn't... Yet"

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