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My Bibliography

This bibliography is not an exhaustive list of everything I've ever scratched onto a piece of paper, but all the big stuff's here.

Delilah LaRue Mystery Series
(#1) A Soured Engagement (2021)
Gerald Bunting Mystery Series
(#1) The Bed Body (2021)
(#2) Gone By Dessert (2021)
(#3) Death In Horse Country (2021)
Historical Fiction

Dearest Fluffy - Off To War (2019)

Pritchard Daviess - A Blissful Existence (2016)

Short Fiction Collections
Jumbled (2020)
Festive Figments (2019)
Christian Resources
Check-In (2023) -- Devotional Articles
Travel Stories
I Don't Like To Fly & Several Less Boring Things About Germany (2022)

National Treasures (2020) -- Newsletter exclusive

Interrogating Your Ancestors (2022)
Go Yodel! (2022) -- Newsletter exclusive
Overthinking My Novel (2021)
How To Be A Fire Engine (2020)


Force Of Will (2023)

Walled In (2023)

Antone (2022)

Death In The Wings (2022)

Pioneer Pillow Talk (2020)

One Final Affair (2019)

Various Short Plays & Monologues (New Play Exchange)


Shorts & Stuff

Spec Script(s)

Keeping Up Appearances (BBC)

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