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The Special

Laughter is terrific medicine, and the world needs a lot more of it. I'm proud to offer The Special, one free paperback book mailed to humor fans wrestling with difficult circumstances--health issues, unemployment, etc. Based on the ever-changing state of my personal inventory, I can't guarantee which of my books will be sent. At this time, I will only be able to ship books to addresses within the United States.


Before proceeding, please review my website's Privacy Policy (specifically, "The Special" section) to understand what data will be captured in the registration form and how it will be stored.

To sign up for The Special, please fill out this form.


I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer. If you just have a concern or situation you'd like me to pray about, you can reach out to me using the same form (linked above). In that case, please enter "N/A" when prompted for a shipping address. As mentioned in the Privacy Policy linked above, please do not include sensitive/compromising information in the form.

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